I AM WHERE YOU ARE (2021–2022)

At the beginning of every movement there is breath.
At the beginning of every note there is silence.

At the beginning of every picture there is emptiness.
3 musicians, 4 dancers, 1 videographer.

Silence, breath, space.

Which impulse breaks this moment? 

I am where you are is a performance project that brings movement, sound and image together and takes the audience on a timeless journey.

It is about the timeless space of the present, in which human potential can develop, the communication of different art forms and the fusion of dance- and film language.


Rosalie Kubny
Concept / Artistic Direction / Project management

Iria Arenas

Aura Antikainen
Chiara Leonardi
Sarantoula Sarantaki
Maija Viipuri
Dance / Performance

Luca Hettling
E-Piano / Sounds / Performance

Lukas Prelle
Drums / Percussion / Performance

Hannah Stastny
Saxophone, Performance

Hannah Elsner
Assistant / Web Design / Photography

Victoria Koberstein
Markus Kunas
Camera / Videography

Dominik Scharf
Sound / Livestreaming